My cat decided to lay on my tablet because I refused to share my cookies with him.


I had this weird dream where I was Mordekaiser and I was chasing Morgana in some kind of forest (that was on my backyard lol). I managed to catch her with my hands and I started to crush her like a bug… then I threw her to the ground and trampled her.

Anonymous asked:

Could you please stream some dks2 pls

Neh, the only reason I am playing atm is because of the new content, until and after ivory king I doubt I will touch that game again (unless they release more dlcs, dlcsouls)

I dislike ds2 pvp, I loved ds1 bs pvp but I can’t seem to “like” it here.

So yeah, that’s a no… (plus, my graphic card is dying and I get huge fps drops while streaming)



I’ve had this idea of a “pillow” knight on my head but I can’t seem to find a way to design it without looking retarded.

Make a normal knight with pillows strapped to his equipment

That’s what I tried to do and it didn’t work

maybe I am not trying hard enough.