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summonerjolan said: Darkwraith Zed PLEaLSE

Oh my.

I must draw that.

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kuroid said: U CANT HAVE BOTH wOW

Who says so?

kuroid said: U CANT HAVE BOTH wOW

Who says so?

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kuroid asked: YOU HAVE ARTORIAS.


I have both


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kuroid asked: ZED IS MY HUSBANDO \o/



He is mine.

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Anonymous asked: Draw some Rengar, maybe?


I wonder why do people always request Rengar

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Anonymous asked: What if artorias and ciaran got married and the chosen undead came and started killing everyone?



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summonerjolan asked: Did you tell Riot to make Tryndamere of the Abyss because I totally need that skin


I am working (nothing official obiviously) on an “Abyss” skin, and it’s not Tryndamere.

(Because I hate Tryndamere)

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League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
This crap makes me want to draw more LoL stuff.


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itemsguy said: Looks like it’s time to practice! You’re going to have to interview again eventually, there’s no escape…..

Time to talk to the mirror~
I wish it wasn’t so hard for me to do this kind of stuff… or have a normal conversation.


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So… some random dude asked me for an interview and I was so nervous I was like herp derp because I had no idea what to say.

and people were making fun of me.





that’s it.

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#I am clearly not a social person  #I will just stay inside my cave and continue drawing 

allenr85 said: Did you get arthritis or whatever like you wanted?

No :D But I met many Rioters, epic cosplayers and some awesome members of the LoL comunity.

Best trip ever.

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